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Experience Authentic Balinese Massage In Dubai

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Between 600 - 800 AD, Indonesia started welcoming specific cultural characteristics of Hinduism and Buddhism. Traders who traveled and traded spices and condiments introduced these cultural aspects to the native Balians. Balinese massage therapy amalgamates Indian Ayurvedic practices, Chinese medicine, and Indonesian massage techniques.

Authentic Balinese massaging inculcates therapeutic herbal oils extracted from plants, flowers, roots, and seeds. This is similar to the usage of herbal oils in Ayurveda. Similar to the Chinese acupressure techniques, Balinese therapists use pressure points to alleviate pain in your body. Apart from Indian and Chinese practices, Balinese massaging also involves ancient Indonesian beauty rituals that the royals of Java palace once practiced as their daily beauty regimen.

The techniques used in Balinese therapy are ancient and have healing properties. It is an oil-based treatment similar to deep tissue massage. It provides significant levels of relaxation and improves flexibility, blood circulation, and skin texture. Its main movements include gentle stretching and acupressure techniques to stimulate the energy within your body, called chi or qi.

With an excellent reputation for healing and transforming one’s mental state, Balinese massage benefits are plenty, and it seeks to give more. Keep reading to find out more to achieve from Balinese therapies.

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Provides spiritual renewal
A well-done Balinese massage can uplift your mind, body, and soul to an elevated level of consciousness. The therapy will leave you feeling relaxed and spiritually lifted. Most clients who opt for Balinese treatment have reported achieving a meditative state during and after their sessions.

It helps relieve sleep disorders
Disturbed and unusual sleep timings are typical for those who remain under stress for long periods—especially professionals who handle stressful situations at work and have difficulty making decisions. A good Balinese massage can relieve stress and leave your body and mind calm and relaxed.

Plenty of choices in herbal and essential oils
If you choose to get an Indonesian massage in Dubai, you will have the privilege of selecting from a range of exotic essential oils and rare herbal oil extracts for your session. You can choose oils such as rose, jojoba, coconut, ylang-ylang, frangipani, and more which hold soothing qualities.

Fights migraines effectively
Migraines are disturbing and can have a profound effect on your daily experience. The pain can be excruciating for some while dull and problematic for others. Balinese therapies include working around the head and nape of the neck, which alleviates pain caused by migraine. Gentle strokes and percussion techniques can help increase blood flow and relax tightened muscles.

Treats lymphatic disorders
While working the nape of your neck, around the thighs, and arms, the lymph vessels and drainage pathways are stimulated. This enhances the lymph nodes' functionalities and provides a better flow of toxins.

It helps in managing anxiety and depression
Stress is inevitable for those worn out from hectic daily schedules and exceeding productivity expectations. Over time, it leads to feelings of anxiety, experiencing panic attacks, and fighting depression silently. All you need to do is search online for a good ‘Balinese massage near me’ and choose a trusted therapist to feel stress-free.

Better skin quality
The gentle kneading strokes in Balinese therapy promote increased blood flow. Optimal blood flow ensures that your skin absorbs essential nutrients you feed your body. So, your skin receives rich amounts of proteins synthesizing into collagen and producing supple and soft new skin cells.

Releases endorphins
When you care for your body, your brain realizes the changes and rewards you for your effort by releasing endorphin chemicals. Endorphins can further relax your mind and body and make you feel good.


Choosing a trusted massage therapist for Bali massage in Business Bay can be challenging as options are plenty. Here are some tips to help you find the right therapist for you:

  • Ensure their qualification
  • Confirm their years of experience
  • Ensure they specialize in what you’re looking for
  • See if they are asking questions to understand your health background
  • Notice whether you feel comfortable sharing personal information with the therapist.
  • Look for reviews and ratings online.
  • Request for a free consultation. Most reputed massage providers don’t charge for consultation hours.
  • Ask a friend for a second opinion.


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