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Massage therapy experts believe that deep tissue massage originated from ancient Egyptians, and in the mid-19th century, Canadians also started to use deep tissue therapy as part of massaging. Medical practitioners of these times used this modality to treat various conditions, such as whiplash, to relieve muscle tissue adhesions or knots.

In the late 1800s, deep tissue massaging became popular in the US but lacked therapy rules and formalizations. Later in 1949, Therese Phimmer introduced specifications for deep tissue therapy where she added movements that focused on enhancing flexibility and manipulating deep muscle layers.

A traditional deep tissue massage treats musculoskeletal concerns like muscle strain, overuse, and injuries. It employs slow and sustained pressure in its strokes, targeting fascia and deep layers of muscles. These movements first aim to break down the build-up of scar tissue formed after an injury, thereby reducing pain and inflammation.

Deep tissue massage benefits the deepest layers of muscles, and the connective tissue around the muscles called fascia. It is popular in treating conditions like muscle trauma, fibromyalgia, sciatica, tennis elbow, and plantar fasciitis. The movements are similar to Swedish massage; deep tissue massaging has a slower and more intense pace focusing on treating chronic pain and healing injuries rather than relaxation.

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You must be aware of the outcomes of undergoing deep tissue therapy - it is not an ideal choice if you are looking for a relaxing session. Instead, it rehabilitates and provides therapeutic benefits for those with chronic pain and discomfort.

Some of the well-known benefits of going for the best deep tissue massage in Dubai are as follows:

Improves athletic performance and recovery - Muscle soreness and injury are an everyday battle for athletes and sports professionals. Deep tissue massage can relieve tension in the muscles and increase blood circulation. Regular treatment compounds and adds to improving performance over time.

Relieves strain caused by arthritis - Arthritis can be painful and cause you to shy away from the simple joys of life. A deep tissue massage can help stimulate the nervous system, increase blood flow to affected areas, and relieve stiffness.

Addresses fibromyalgia symptoms - Fibromylagia can cause chronic pain, which is hard to manage and could make you lose hope about having a bright and healthy future. Many clients who fight fibromyalgia have reported significant improvement in managing pain and discomfort with periodic and consistent deep tissue therapy.

Breaks down scar tissues caused by injury - Injuries are hard to recover from and quickly lead to inflammation and swelling. Damage to the muscles results in the formation of scar tissues around the muscle fibers and causes tension and pain. Deep tissue massage can help break down the scar tissue and start healing.

Ideal as body contouring treatments - Body contouring is becoming popular and aids during weight loss. Losing weight can often leave your body with excess skin and stretch marks. Regular deep tissue massage for weight loss can help reduce hanging skin and improve body shape.

Lowers blood pressure - The intense strokes of deep tissue massage naturally increase blood flow, regulate the nervous system, and lower blood pressure.

Improves skin texture - Increased blood flow helps your skin to absorb nutrients efficiently. Regular deep tissue massaging can give your skin a natural glow and improve elasticity.

Relieves chronic conditions - Back, neck, and shoulder pain can get chronic and hard to manage. Deep tissue treatment releases muscle tension by working directly on the muscle adhesions that cause pain.

It helps to manage anxiety, stress, and depression - Stress is the leading cause of anxiety and depression nowadays - especially in young professionals who face constant stress at work daily. They either suppress their feelings, or it goes unheard, and they end up depressed. A deep tissue massage can get you into a meditative state and help improve your mood instantly.


Deep tissue massage benefits for athletes are already widespread, but one can get deep tissue massage to improve other health conditions. You must find an authentic service provider because this isn’t just relaxation and recreation. To experience actual change, you must choose a qualified service provider. How can you do that?

  • Ask your healthcare provider for recommendations.
  • Enquire within your social circle - friends, family, and colleagues for suggestions.
  • Research on the internet
  • Look for 5-star ratings and reviews by clients
  • Read and educate yourself about different massage therapies.


Deep tissue massage benefits for back pain are one of the top reasons for choosing this modality. But your therapist can also provide relief from other concerns, such as neck pain, posture correction, or improving blood circulation.

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