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Moroccan Bath In Business Bay

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Aka the Hammam, the traditional Moroccan bath is rooted in the ancient Roman and Byzantine cleansing cultures. Hammam originated in Arabic culture as a sacred space to prepare for prayer gatherings. Islamic individuals used Hammams to purify their bodies and souls before entering sacred spaces. Throughout the late 1400s, these bathhouses became a staple around mosques and medinas.

Steam is essential to Moroccan baths as they help enhance the cleansing ritual. These bathhouses are generally spacious and contain refreshment spaces separated by partial walls. The separation is partial because the steam had to be distributed evenly across the room. Modern spas and massage centers commonly use dry steam. Some service providers choose wet steam.

Traditionally natives of Morocco and Arab men and women take part in authentic Hammam weekly with their friends and family, where they undergo a deep cleansing ritual, socialize and talk about life in detail while steaming. This is followed by scrubbing and rinsing using cold water.

Today, modern massage centers and spas have private spaces for individuals who prefer to experience the Hammam in solitude. Wishah Spa’s signature Moroccan bath in Dubai gives you a unique and mesmerizing experience that will relax and energize your body. After scrubbing, you can go for a massage and then rinse off for an elevated experience.

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Visiting a Moroccan Hammam once a week can benefit you in several ways. Some of them are as follows:

Achieve efficient exfoliation
Suppose you experience an authentic Hammam-initiated cleansing using the traditional savon beldi (black olive-based soap) followed by an intense yet gentle scrubbing. The process focuses on detoxing the skin and removing dead cells and accumulated dirt. In that case, you will realize how inferior your current cleansing regime is.

Increased blood flow
The steam raises your body temperature naturally, and the scrubbing allows easy and smooth blood circulation throughout the body. This ensures that your lymphatic drainage is also functioning efficiently.

Achieve healthy skin
Efficient exfoliation is essential to maintain young-looking skin. This specific session help remove dead skin cells and accumulated impurities and reveal the newly formed soft skin cells. It hydrates the skin and helps maintain elasticity.

Relaxed muscles
Relaxed muscles are essential to maintain a regulated nervous system. An excellent Moroccan massage in Dubai followed by a Moroccan bath can help release the trapped tension in your muscles. After a long day’s work or travel, get into Hammam and see how relaxed your muscle fibers become. Muscles are less prone to injuries when they are calm. They are also more capable of inducing recovery when not under constant strain.

Refreshing mind-body connection
Our minds and bodies are often in different places at any given time. Being consciously present is rare but has proven to calm your nervous system and lower the heart rate. In this bath, you can experience a meditative state where you can be wholly present with your complete attention on the body.

Relief from body pain
Steam is highly beneficial for our bodies to regulate the functioning of lymph nodes, the nervous system, and the blood vessels. This enhances the body’s overall functionality and relaxes tight muscles and joints. The best Moroccan bath in Dubai can help you to manage back, neck, and shoulder pain by relaxing your muscle tissues and your nervous system.

It helps to regulate anxiety and panic attacks.
Most individuals in their twenties are under chronic stress related to work or personal relationships. Anxiety and panic attacks are increasingly becoming common among the young generation due to excess stimuli from social media and over-exceeding expectations from life. A Moroccan session can help relieve pressure and calm the mind and body.


There are several Moroccan bath for men in Dubai and women. You can search online for a reputable spa or massage center. But before you start looking, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Recognize your goals regarding health
  • Understand your current bodily conditions and preferences to make better choices in types of massages
  • Ask your friends, colleagues, and family members for their favorite therapists.
  • Call any therapists and see if you feel comfortable sharing your health records
  • Enquire about their industry experience and certifications.
  • Research online about different types of massages.
  • Look for genuine reviews and ratings by clients.


Moroccan bath for gents in Dubai generally has separate bath space for women. In a traditional Hammam, you will begin by rinsing your body with lukewarm water. The therapist will then ask you to step into the steam room for ten to fifteen minutes. The therapist will later perform intense scrubbing using a special glove called kessa. After scrubbing, you can massage or rinse with cold water and finish the bath. 

Our therapists are experts who can guide you through selecting the best treatment for you. Our treatments start from 45 minutes and extend to 60, 90, and 120 minutes. Book an appointment today and feel the difference!