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Sports massage has been around for thousands of years and originated in Greece and Rome. The earliest record of using this type of treatment for sports is - A prominent Roman medical practitioner (Galen, AD 30 - 200) consistently prescribed specific kneading for warriors before and after daily exercises.

Sports massage has become widely popular throughout Europe and America. Later in 1924, five-time gold medalist Paavo Nurmi familiarized athletes with the importance of massage in aiding recovery by claiming how this therapy helped him improve performance. While deep tissue methods are considered almost similar to sports, they are different. Deep tissue treatment is performed across your entire body, whereas sports treatment focuses on specific areas of your body that are injured and inflamed or is prone to injury.

To experience the best sports massage in Dubai, you must be informed and educated about sports recovery techniques and results. The methods are customized to treat sports-related injuries. The strokes and pressure are not designed for relaxation but to treat swelling, inflammation, and pain caused by the injury. The applied pressure gently stretches the injured muscle group, stimulates blood circulation, promotes healing, and gradually improves the soft tissue condition. It is often strenuous at the time of therapy but provides ease later on.

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Are you an athlete? Or do you perform strenuous exercises daily? Then you must visit a sports therapist in Dubai. It will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Start immediate recovery - Waiting for the injury to heal will only worsen the damage and head you to the ER. As soon as you feel the tension and pressure in your glutes after a good run, head to the sports therapist and complete the session to start recovery. Or when you feel a pull in your shoulders after your pull-ups, approach your therapist and check it immediately. This care will ensure that your body is in optimal condition and you can perform your best.
  • Reduced inflammation and pain - Experiencing DOMS is common among sports professionals and weight lifters. A well-done sports therapy can reduce the effects of DOMS and relieve pain to a great extent.
  • Improved flexibility - If you miss treating your injuries on time, your muscle will stiffen over time and cause you severe pain and unease. It will restrict your range of motion, affect your performance and leave you tired and unsatisfied. Regular sports recovery treatment will help heal injuries and improve your flexibility.
  • Prevent injuries - If you regularly perform strenuous exercise and play rigorous sports, you inevitably injure yourself. Sports treatment can help address this concern by helping you avoid injuries. When sports masseuses stretch your muscles and use ice packs to promote healing, your muscles adapt to the conditions and can prevent strain the next day.
  • See a real change in performance - Most clients who opt for our sport massage therapy in Dubai have reported positive performance feedback. Runners have experienced reduced pain in their knees and heels, and weight-lifters have experienced an increased range of motion in their glutes and hamstrings. Visit us, and you can be one of these professionals who improve daily!
  • Increased nutrient and oxygen supply - Tightened muscles and injured or inflamed tissues alarm your brain to focus on recovery and push back on nutrient accumulation and oxygen supply. Your body requires a lot of time to heal and regulate on its own. But, with a bit of assistance from a professional masseuse, it can heal much faster and effectively.


Where can I locate the best sports massage near me? You can try the following tips on finding a reputable masseuse online:

  • First, you must be aware of your expectations. Knowing what kind of treatment you need to address your concerns is always beneficial. You can simply ask yourself - what do I want from this massage?
  • Pick a location close to where you live. It is ideal and always recommended that you get a good sleep cycle after the massage therapy.
  • Ask your friends and family for recommendations for their favorite service providers.
  • Look for the service provider's reputation by checking their social media presence, reviews and ratings, and interaction with clients online.
  • Ask questions regarding their years of industry experience, license for practice, and availability.


Therapists trained in sports treatment are skilled and experts in handling injuries that commonly occur in sportspersons. This is why you should visit a qualified sports therapist and not a regular masseuse trained in only the basics of different therapies.

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