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Swedish Massage In Business Bay

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A Swedish fencing instructor invented the Swedish massage technique in the 1830s after he injured his elbow. Using percussion strokes similar to tapping, he healed himself with regular treatment.

An authentic Swedish treatment uses long kneading strokes on your muscles and joints. These long strokes glide in vertical and horizontal directions, as well as in circular motions. It targets pressure on the uppermost layer of your muscle tissues, opens tied muscles, and releases tension. These strokes are called ‘hellos’ and ‘goodbyes’ as they indicate the beginning and final connection between the client’s skin and the therapist’s hands.

Swedish massage uses varying degrees of pressure, such as soft strokes around the bones and strokes with higher pressure on body parts with thicker muscles. This specific adjustment makes it easier for the body to relax and feel at ease.

At Wishah Spa, you can avail of premium quality Swedish massage in Dubai. Our therapists are certified and skilled in Swedish techniques. There are five types of Swedish techniques called vibration, friction, petrissage, tapping, and effleurage. All these techniques encourage relaxation and softening of hardened muscle tissues.

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Swedish treatments are known for their healing and therapeutic qualities. It is highly recommended for sports professionals, athletes, and those who want to take good care of their physical health. Some of the benefits of Swedish massage near me in Dubai are as follows:

Achieve mental, emotional, and physical benefits
It calms the nervous system and relieves muscular tension. Your nervous system now facilitates increased blood flow, and muscles are at ease. This ensures that your mind and body are relaxed and free of stress.

Increases flexibility
Long, gliding strokes help elongate the muscle tissues, relax stiff joints, and calm inflammation. These result in improved flexibility and increased range of motion to perform your daily chores.

Improved mood
When your body relaxes with good blood circulation and your muscles are at ease, your brain releases an endorphin chemical. It is a reward our brain gives for helping our body relax and enjoy.

Improves body posture
A deeply relaxing Swedish massage in Business Bay, Dubai, will improve your spine health and gives you better posture. It involves specific and more extended movement patterns from the upper back to the lower back resulting in a relaxed spine.

Improved immunity
Your body can flush toxins away and clean blood with efficient lymphatic drainage. When your blood is pure, it encourages higher production of red blood and white blood cells. A good percentage of hemoglobin is a sign of good immunity.

Helps to manage anxiety and depression
As the techniques improve your immunity and mood in general, it helps to control anxiety and fight feelings of depression. If you combine regular massaging with exercising, eating healthy, and meditation, you can successfully manage your mental health.

Walk into Wishah Spa and experience these benefits at least once in your lifetime. We have affordable and attractive seasonal packages that fit your budget and lifestyle.


There are three methods to find a reputable Swedish full body massage in Business Bay, Dubai. First, you can refer your friends, colleagues, or family members to a trusted service provider. Second, you can research online by visiting websites that contrast and compare different spas in the area. You can note down the ratings and reviews of each of these massage centers and choose the one with the highest.

You can simply ask your friends and family about their experience with the therapist. You can also leave a query online on sites like quora and receive answers from different clients.

Approach your regular doctor or healthcare provider and request suggestions; they would gladly offer you the details as it benefits their goodwill.

To make things easier for you - Wishah Spa is rated 5/5 by almost all our loyal and regular clients to make things easier for you. You can visit our review section to see what they say about our services.


All well-trained masseuses are generally educated in performing essential Swedish massage therapy. But it is ideal to select a specialist as they are more knowledgeable and confident about the techniques.

A good therapist shows genuine concern for your health conditions, speaks with you before treatment, understands your needs and expectations, and recommends a tailored treatment that suits you well. The therapist should ideally have decent communication skills, exceptional time management skills, energy, and stamina to complete the booked session. They should be educated and trained to use varied approaches to meet the client’s requirements. Their conduct must remain ethical and professional at all times with the clients.