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Revitalize yourself by spending a day at the best massage center in Dubai. Explore our different packages and experience the luxury you deserve. The magic of our oils and treatments is going to leave wanting more.


A traditional massage in Thailand may last about two hours, whereas, in other countries, it lasts between thirty minutes and two hours. It is also called Thai Yoga massage, using assisted yoga postures with acupressure techniques. It is performed on all major body parts, including the back, glutes, legs, neck, shoulder, arms, and head.

The therapist will use her body weight by leaning on each body part using her hands, elbows, knees, and feet. Thai massage is different from other types of massage as it avoids oils. Instead, it needs friction to manipulate the pressure applied throughout the energy lines on your body. The therapist aims to relieve tension in the tight muscles with passive stretching.

Thai massage in Dubai uses yogic stretching, kneading, and pressing muscles in line with your body’s energy pathways. According to Chinese beliefs and acupressure philosophy, your body has lines or paths through which energy passes. These lines are called Sen lines. Applying pressure on the Sen lines induces a healthier and smoother flow of energy within the body.

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Increase in flexibility
You will feel the difference in just one Thai session with our therapist. The therapist elongates each muscle tissue with assisted yogic stretching, resulting in your muscles releasing tension. The muscles are now free and have a better range of motion.

Improved sleep patterns
Thai massages are proven to relax your body, lower stress, and boost energy levels; not surprisingly, it helps you have a good night’s sleep. The US National Institute of Health has researched and concluded that Thai massage could improve fatigue and aid in better sleep quality.

Improved blood circulation
Our therapists provide the best Thai massage in Dubai with long-lasting results. The acupressure techniques and stretching of the muscles stimulate the nerves and thus augment smooth blood flow.

Pain management
Passive stretching helps open tight muscles and loosens stiff joints, reducing joint pain and inflammation. The trap region around the neck, shoulders, mid-back and lower back often holds tension and causes sharp pains frequently. Thai massage can help relieve these kinds of discomfort.

Helps release emotional tension
Stress and emotional traumas often cause the muscles to tighten without you realizing it. For some, it shows up as neck pain, and for others as back pain. It could also result in headaches, anxiety, and depression. Regularly visiting the best Thai Spa in Dubai can help you address these issues effectively and in a lasting manner.

Healthier skin texture
Increased blood flow and a balanced nervous system relax the mind and body. Stimulated nerves induce lymphatic drains to function efficiently. Well-functioning lymph nodes ensure the removal of toxins and proper transfer of nutrients to the blood. This helps the skin to absorb proteins well and produce collagen efficiently, thus making it healthier and young-looking.


With several massage service providers opening up on every street, finding the best Thai Spa in Dubai is challenging. One of the practical and trusted ways to choose a reputable therapist is to look for reviews and ratings online. You can visit the spa’s website, go to the review section, and read the best and worst reviews. Wishah Spa is rated 5/5 on our website and Google page for our exceptional Thai massage services.

Another way to find a qualified therapist is to ask friends, family, or your general healthcare practitioner for recommendations. Once you get a good suggestion, you can visit the massage center and see for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to the service provider. They will happily inform and guide you about what they do best.


Wishah Spa is famous in Dubai and is noted as one of the best and most trusted Thai massage centres in Dubai. Our therapists are professionally licensed and skilled, with over a decade of experience in Thai massaging. They are from Thailand and Vietnam, fully trained and qualified in Thai massaging for different kinds of injuries as we as general well-being.

The therapist will guide you during the massage, encouraging you to maneuver your limbs in different angles and positions. Remember to be on time, shower before walking in, and have solid meals at least two hours before the massage.

If you are late, the therapist may not be able to perform a complete Thai massage therapy as it takes a minimum of 60 minutes. Therapists highly recommend a 60-minute session if you want to experience notable results.